Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fashion: OOTD and a new haircut!

Thank God it's the BER months already! :P I decided it was time for me to get my hair trimmed and dyed since my hair was already waaaay too long. Plus I wanted to feel gawjus, not that I'm not... I already am, hahaha! I just wanted to feel and look like it inside and out. :P

Anyway, to match my new haircut I also decided to sport a new look that was perfect for the cold weather. A beanie to cover your cold head, that only cost like 100php. A leather jacket that I bought which was pre-loved for 400php only. (It's not everyday you get an authentic leather jacket that is just 400) And some pre-loved boots for 400php as well. There are a lot of brand new boots out there that are soooo expensive. So I opted to buy for a pre-loved one instead, that way if the rain gets it wet or it gets dirty, I wouldn't mind so much, I like the rugged look of it. :P

See? you can still look chic with pre-loved items, you just gotta know what to get I guess. :P

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I had my hair dyed, trimmed and I also am sporting bangs now. Which is not something that I usually do because I have curly hair. So when i went to the salon, I had my hair blow dried and ironed... :P

So yeah, that was what my hair looked like after the hair cut. Not happy with the cut because I said I want it layered and that wasn't how it turned out, but I like the bangs.

After a few days of course, my hair was already starting to curl so it looked a lot more like this.

I actually prefer this sort of wavey curled bangs. :P it looks a bit more natural for me. :P

Also, not sure if I mentioned it before, but I'm wearing glasses now. Just correctional glasses though.

What can I say? :P Just feeling a little bit narcisisstic. hahaha! I can pull off any look I want, curly, straight, with bangs and without! :P Anyway at the end of the day, you can wear and look the way you want to look like. The sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence and a smile! :P

So... again, here is my OOTD. Although it's really not "of the day" since this was taken a couple of days ago :P

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  1. Nice jacket, you got a good deal. ^_^ You're so lucky to live somewhere with a cooler climate so you could wear chic cold weather gear. Unfortunately, not if I wore that here in Batangas I'd get the googly-eyed stares since it's not nearly cold enough wear jackets, leather or no. Haha.


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