Monday, October 14, 2013

Promo: SM Store Baguio City 3 Day Sale!!!

Ladies and gents, it is that special time of the year again, where Sm Store is holding another 3 Day Sale. You know what? Their sales are actually happening more frequently lately, which I absolutely don't mind, since I'm a girl who always finds value for her money, and if I can get something at a good price, then yay for me!! hahaha! :P

The 3 Day Sale would start around Friday which is the 18th until the 20th. (I think that's pretty obvious because of the picture and all, lulz :P) and as always these sale can reach up to 50% percent off which totally gets me psyched because you know what? I buy a lot of stuff from the SM Store. Especially at the Stationary Section, I buy a lot of notebooks. I'm a notebook addict. I also happen to be a big fan of dresses which they have an abundance of. If you remember I also made a post before of my SM haul where I got dresses up to 50% off, you can find that over here.

Anyway, I think the mechanics are pretty similar as the one before. Which means on Friday, if you wake up early and get your ass on there between 9am to 11am, you would get an additional 10%, that is if you have an SM Advantage card. Besides that you would also get a +5% rebate if you bought something with your BDO credit card which is minimum of Php 5,000.

Hmmmm.... what else? Oh! yeah, I think this one is different from the usual Sale promos because this time around you can get a Php 100 worth of coupon for a minimum purchase of Php 2,000 for a single receipt. This is applicable  during Saturday and Sunday (that is the 19th and 20th if you must know the dates :P)

Am I missing something else? Oh ok, one last thing. If you do purchase a minimum of Php 2,000 worth of items (single receipt people), that means you can also get a chance to win an Internet TV!!!

You see how nice I am? I'm letting you guys know these in advance so you know what you can take advantage before the sale happens. If I were you, and you plan on buying on a lot of stuff, make sure to do the purchase on the first 2 hours on Friday. Also, try separating the items you bought into different Php 2,000 receipt transactions, so you can maximize your chances of winning an Internet TV, which is most likely what I'm gonna do, hahaha! Well I hope to see you guys at the SM Store! I'm pretty sure you'd be seeing me there during the Sale. Cheerio!

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  1. Oooh I'll be there too! :D If you ever want to find me, look in the Shoe department or perhaps the Make Up department. :D Hahaha! It's the best time to buy Max Factor lippies and other make up! :D


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