Monday, November 4, 2013

Travel: Pugad Adventure at La Union!

I'm actually contemplating whether I should start a travel blog. But for now, I guess I will be posting on here.

A couple of days ago, my niece celebrated her first birthday and my aunt decided to go to Pugad La Union. If you haven't been to the place, let me tell you, it's super freaking awesome. From ziplining, wall climbing, target shooting, rapelling, and that exhilarating giant swing, you'll never run out of activities to do. Plus I find the activities really cheap. Like seriously, where can you get an ATV ride that only cost Php 350? If you want to find out more what Pugad is like, check out the video below :P Until next adventure guys! toodleloo!


  1. pretty girl! found you through GT :)


  2. I've been to la union but i was there only to surf. i didn't know there's a spot there for activities like those. thanks for sharing!

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